Week 3

Week 3

We started off our third week queuing outside the Iranian Embassy at 8:00am to apply for our visas, after waiting outside for half an hour we were in and waiting to hand over our forms and passports. We were hoping to leave between 11am and 12 noon because we had a long drive ahead of us, we got back to the hostel to collect our stuff around 2pm and Adam the driver from Madventure said it’s too late to leave so we had to stay in Istanbul for another day. The next day we had a long drive to The Boomerang Bar, Eceabat, Turkey where we camped on a small beach that was quite nice.

So now it’s Wednesday the 3rd August and we had a long 6 hour drive ahead of us to Dereli Camping, Pamucak, Zeytinkoy/Seluk. When we eventually got to Dereli camping after the sat nav took us to the wrong place twice it was definitely worth the long drive it was a lovely camp site on a great beach with an absolutely amazing view. The next morning we went to see the wonderful Ephesus where we saw some of the amazing ruins founded in the 10th century BC and abandoned in the 15th century AD.

imageThe local libary for the people of ephuses.

imageThe main market place for people of ephuses.

After a lovely 2 nights camping by the beach we headed for Denizli at a famous Unesco World Heritage site known as Hierapolis Archaeological site. Hierapolis was an ancient city located on hot springs. Its ruins are adjacent to modern Pamukkale (known as Cotton Castle). The main feature of this site is the wonderful snow like scenery which is created by calcium from the hot waters that flow down the hill. After spending 3 hours wondering around the site we headed to our next camp site up in the mountains over looking the many towns below.

imageThe Hierapolis archaeological site.

imageEvening Sun set from in the mountains at Tepe camping.

imageNight views of a local town from Tepe camping.

After the one night at Tepe camping we had a 6-7 hour drive to Ilhara Valley. On our way to our next camp site me and Grandad noticed a few strange noises from the Land Rover then a burning smell so we were deciding wether we should pull over while talking about pulling over a van drove next to us and started beeping us and telling us to pull over… We had a MASSIVE oil leak! The three guys in the van towed us to a petrol station just down the road and called us a mechanic. Grandad and the mechanic had a look to see where the oil had came from. It was the oil from the gear box. So we had to be put on a pick up truck and be taken to the garage. When we got to the garage they gave us some bad news… We had lost most of the oil from the gear box and it would take three days to sort the problem out although we are not sure what the problem is as they don’t speak or understand much English at all. Then after a couple of hours they told us they were closed on a Sunday so it will be ready Wednesday. The mechanics took us to a nice hotel called The Garden Kale Thermal Hotel where we will have to stop for 4 nights.

imageLand Rover being hooked up to the pick up truck.

imageThe Land Rover being put onto the pick up truck.