Week 2

Week 2

We started off our second week in Romania, where we stayed in Bucharest for two nights, on the second day we went into the town to see the second biggest building in the world, the parliament building, which is no longer used as a parliament building but is used for conferences and festivals etc.

We have just arrived at a nice camp site in Bulgaria where we are staying for two nights. After two lovely nights in Bulgaria we’re now on our way to turkey but on the way to the Turkish boarder we lost the madventure bus somehow and ended up driving an extra 100Km because the sat nav was leading us to the wrong boarder. After getting directions off two locals from different villages and two police officers we eventually found the boarder and found the madventure group waiting just before the Turkish boarder, where they were waiting to tell us some bad news… The madventure bus couldn’t get through the Turkish boarder because something had gone wrong with the paper work for the bus, so now the bus driver Adam had to go to an office on the other side of Bulgaria. My grandad offered to take him there as he would of had to walk out of the Turkish boarder, through the Bulgarian customs and get a taxi all the way to the other side of Bulgaria, so now myself and the madventure group are waiting for the local bus at the Turkish boarder to take us to the hostel in Istanbul where we are planned to stay at for three nights. Our first day in Istanbul we went up to the town to see a few of the local shops and the amazing Sultanahmet Camii ( Blue Mosque ) which is one of the most magnificent building in Turkey. The building was built between 1609 and 1616 and is now the biggest mosque in turkey.

imageOther side of Istanbul.

imageThe blue mosque view from the roof top terrace of the Orient International Hostel.

imageThe Hagia Sophia view from the roof top terrace of the Orient International Hostel.