G P S Points:
Rather than write a blog every night to say where we camped I thought It would be easier to help fellow travellers if I just listed the places we stayed at with GPS points and a little information such as facilities, costs etc.

Also for vehicle access I shall use the following codes;

T = Trucks  M = Motorhomes  L = Land rover

 Europe- Durnal, south Brussels, Belgium

 N 50º 20.1141′

E 004º 59.5952′

 T  Small, clean camp site.  €6
 Europe- Augsburg, Germany  N 48º 24.7732′

E 010º 55.3710′

 T Large site including a restaurant. €27
 Europe- Salzberg, Austria  N 47º 467709′

E 013º 05.4076′

 T  Average sized site, restaurant and bar on site.  €16
 Europe- Budapest, Hungary  N 47º 30.8987′

E 018º 58.4037′

 T  Small camp site, restaurant and bar on site. Old tram line station.  Discounted price because we are tagging along with madventure.
 Europe- wild camping, Romania  N 46º 57.o473′

E 022º 43.4539

 T  Nice area by a river, not far from train line.  FREE
 Europe- vampire camping, ban, Romania  N 45º 31.7403

E o25º 22.2162

 T  Average camp site, close to a river. €8
 Europe- Bucharest, Romania  N 44º 31.0313

E 026º 05.5694

 T  Small camp site, full of small bungalows.  €9
Europe- Veliko Tărnovo camping, Bulgaria N 43º 03.9643

E 025º 45.2540

 T  Average sized camp, restaurant and bar on site also has a swimming pool. £8

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  2. Hi Norman and James, sorry I didn’t get a chance to see you before you departed on this epic journey, I’m still on a shift patten that takes most of my time, well until January 17. I wish you both the very best of luck and I am sure you will see so many wonderful sites and have incredible experiences. James, I am more than sure that you will be talking about this for many years to come and meal times around the Table with your children in the future will be full of stories and adventures relieved. Safe journey Gentlemen and return to Blighty.

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